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NIALS Laws of Nigeria

Our Vision

“To be a world class institution that is the primary source of information, training and advice solutia chinese brush at the highest level of policy formulation on legal matters, effectively impacting on local and international institutions in the development of law.”


Academic- Masters Degree in Legislative Drafting 
Students must hold an LL.B (Honours) Degree of Second class lower division and NYSC discharge or exemption ejaculare precoce as well as a certificate of the call to the Bar.
Course Schedule
First Semester
  • Introduction to Legislative Drafting
  • Drafting and Ancillary Processes
  • Legislative Sentence, Expression and Style
  • Legislative form and promovare seo of Provisions
  • The Nature of Constitutions
  • The Concept of Autochthony
  • Comparative Constitutional Structure
  • Dynamics of Constitutional Governance
  • Legislative Competence and Systems of Governance
  • Politics/the relationship between the Arms of Government.
  • Constitutional Safeguards and Protection.
  • The Classification of Administrative Power
  • The Nature of Administrative Actions.
  • Rules and Rule-making; Delegated Legislation
  • Judicial Powers of the Administration
  • Ejaculare Prematura
  • Control of Statutory Corporations
  • Legal Process
Second  Semester
  • Statute Law
  • Substantive Provisions Repeal,
  • Amendment and Consolidation
  • Treaty Drafting and Implementation
  • The Drafting Office
  • Fiscal Federalism
  • Judicial review of legislation
  • Constitutional amendments
  • Emergencies
  • The place of traditional institutions in modern Constitutions
  • Regional Cooperation and Sovereignty
  • Judicial Review
  • Limitations on Judicial Review
  • The Ombudsman
  • Public Liability of the state public officials, etc. in tort, in contract, in crime.
  • The Judicial Process.

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