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Our Vision

To be a world class institution that is the primary source of information, training and advice at the highest level of policy formulation on legal matters, effectively impacting on local and international institutions in the development of law.


Among other centres, the Intellectual Property Centre of the Institute is engaged in the research, scholarship and policy advocacy and multidisciplinary approach to the studies in IP.

It focuses on the relationship of IP and development, the development of IP within the West African Region and Africa and the impact of international and global IP regimes on the developing and least developed countries in the region by exploring, investigating, articulating and advocating different and alternative models of IP focusing more on development from the perspective of the region’s interests.

It also aims to develope a network of experts from the region who can adequately participate in the discourses on IP at all levels – both locally and internationally, and be able to project and assert the region’s interests at the forefront of policy discourse on IP at those levels.

NIALS’ IP Centre serves as Open Air’s hub for West Africa pursuant to the common objective NIALS shares with Open Air in the partnership to build a West African hub for research, scholarship and policy advocacy in IP with the added advantage of a sociological content to its mandate dictated by the link with the Open AIR objectives.

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